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ROBUS 250/500 HS

Sunday, 20 September 2015 16:47
Published in Security

For hi-speed automation of sliding gates

weighing up to 250 kg (RB250HS) and up to

500 kg (RB500HS), for residential

and industrial applications.

24 Vdc electromechanical gear motor.

Ideal for intensive use, opening a 4 m

gate takes around 10* seconds with RB250HS

and around 9* seconds with RB500HS.

User-friendly: thanks to the Nice BlueBUS technology,

the control unit can be connected to up to seven couples

of photocells, control, security and signalling devices,

using two wires only.

Practical: the control unit and PS124 buffer battery (optional)

can be connected by means of a simple connector

and can be housed directly inside Robus.

Advanced: the temperature sensor adapts the motor power

to the climatic conditions and at the same time thermal cut-out.

A master/slave selection automatically synchronises two motors.

This means it is possible to automate 2-leaf sliding gates set

opposite each other.

Intelligent: thanks to the obstacle detection system

and automatic programming of the working times. Self-diagnosis

by means of a flashing light. 8 programming levels.

Safe: acceleration and deceleration can be adjusted

at the beginning and at the end of each opening

and closing manoeuvre.

Sturdy: base and release in pressure die cast

with easy to open handle.

Very quiet: gear motor on bearings.

* Considering standard installation, excluding acceleration

and deceleration.

About us

Wednesday, 19 August 2015 04:51
Published in About us

The Setout of our business was the year 2000 in Germany, “With God’s Will” and through adapting experiences from the country mentioned; we associated PORFI COMPNAY in Federal Republic Germany.

After the development of Kurdistan’s infrastructure and government’s contribute to private sector, we decided to move to Southern Kurdistan’s Capital Erbil, under the trade name PORFI COMPANY FOR GENERAL TRADING Ltd.

Our company is the unique one in quality selection of constructions’ equipment, furthermore, we acquainted with European and Asian brands fortunately, and our company became  a forerunner for quality customer service. We are bearer of a highly recognized certificate and we are striving to gain our maximum objectives.

PROFI COMPNAY has is progressing permanently, it is expanding year after year; it possesses different kinds of plants in the region. Profi Company presents the most powerful systems that is supported and recommended by specialists in different fields of life, we would like to inform you that we are guarantor of high quality brands and alike life, it is progressing!


Companies Objectives,

1.Supply European brands of construction decorations (Mosaics).

2.Supply and installation of Doors and Windows efficiently.

3.Supply and installation of all kinds of decoration for instance (Kitchen Counter)

4.Installation and automatization of every type of manual doors as well as shadow providers.

5.Supply and installation of every camera surveillance system for fire fighting, surveillance instruments, Emergency and network systems in updated high quality.


Business Relationships

•Famous Spanish Companies in the fields of Ceramic and Mosaics.

•Famous Italian companies in the fields of Security Systems and automatization of manual doors.

•Turkish famous Companies in the field of PVC, Aluminium and doors.

•Jordan famous companies in the fields of different business.

•Korean, Taiwan, Chinese and European companies in different fields of security service.



A part of these Projects are implemented in Iraq and Kurdistan Region:

•Supply and installation of doors and Furniture of DREAM CITY ERBIL in 2005

•Supply and installation of doors and furniture of the ERBIL ENGLISH VILLAGE IN 2006

•Installation doors /windows as well as Ceramic works of ERBIL ITALIAN CITY 1 AND 2  in 2010 – 2013

•Sharqulawsat Company Project.

•Projects of Finance Ministry concerning construction of banks in Erbil, Duhok and Sulaymaneyah in 2013.

•Family Land Projects in 2001.

•Hiwa Group Projects , Erbil in 2006 – 2012.

•Implementation of different project for governmental departments in province of Kirkuk, Baghdad, Sulaymaneyah and Erbil.

•Electricity Production Project in Pirdawood from 2009 until 2010.

•Sulaymaneyah Electricity Production Project in Bazyan, Sulamianye in 2011.

•Soran University Projects in Erbil in 2012

•New City Project in Erbil in 2007 – 2008.

•Mas Group in from until 2015 ongoing.


Our Main Objective is Permanent Innovation