For projecting and non projecting up-and-over doors up to 9 m². Irreversible electromechanical 24 Vdc gear motor.


For sectional doors up to 10.5 m² and up-and-over garage doors up to 11.8 m².


Electromechanical road barrier system for control of road access. 24 Vdc gear motor with built-in control unit and loop detector. For bars up from 3 to 7 m.

TUB 4000

For sliding gates weighing up to 4000 kg. Ideal for industrial applications. Non-reversible 400 Vac electromechanical gearmotor with built-in D-Pro 500 control unit.

TUB 3500

For sliding gates weighing up to 3500 kg. Ideal for industrial use. Irreversible electromechanical 400 Vac gear motor with built-in Mindy A500 control unit.

RUN 1800/2500

For sliding gates weighing up to 1800 kg (RUN1800) and up to 2500 kg (RUN2500). Ventilated motor with inductive limit switch (RUN1800P/RUN2500P) or electromechanical limit switch (RUN1800/RUN2500I/RUN2500).

RUN 1500

For sliding gates weighing up to 1500 kg. Versions with electromechanical limit switch (RUN1500) and with inductive limit switch (RUN1500P).


Nice motor for sliding gates up to 400 kg with leaf length up to 6 m. Motor with built-in control unit and absolute encoder.

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